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MCKernel short course @ EGU2016

after some years of development, MCKernel, our software to calculate
waveform sensitivity kernels based on pre-computed AxiSEM wavefields,
will be presented at EGU.

To help potential new users adopt the software, we offer a short course
on the wavefield-kernel workflow at EGU on
Monday morning 8:30-12:00, Room 2.43.
This will include calculation of wavefields for Instaseis/MCKernel with

MCKernel can be used to calculate seismic sensitivity kernels for
arbitrary parts of the seismogram at periods down to 5s, at the
numerical cost of less than 1CPUh/kernel. It uses a Monte Carlo
integration scheme and MPI to distribute the calculation dynamically
over multi-core architectures, ranging from laptops to
supercomputers. It has been tested with Intel Fortran, Cray Fortran and
gfortran on Linux and MacOS environments.

If you are interested, *please send a mail beforehand* to
so that we can give you detailed instructions on how to prepare your
machine for the course. You will need a laptop with Linux or MacOS and
gfortran (>=4.8), as well as the MPI, NetCDF and FFTW libraries.
For plotting, ObsPy and Paraview would be beneficial.
The network at the conference site will be slow, so prepare whatever is
possible. We will bring the software along on a USB stick for last-minute