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    Simon C. Stähler

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    Introductory seismology with animations

    Seismic wavefield perturbed by plumes and slabs

    This video shows the seismic wavefield of an earthquake in a mantle that contains a subducting slab on the left and an upwelling megaswell-structure on the right. The situation is comparable to Southern America on the left and Africa on the right with the earthquake happening in the Central Atlantic ocean at the mid-ocean ridge.

    Note that the velocity anomalies are exaggerated to make the effect more prominent.

    Seismic wavefield in the Jovian moon Europa

    AxiSEM is able to model seismic wave propagation in terrestrial planets in general. One of the most fascinating objects in the solar system is Europa, with its abysmal ocean below a few kilometers of ice. The structure results in a wavefield that is completely different from what we see on Earth. Most of the wave energy is either contained inside the ice (especially SH-waves) or is reverberating inside the ocean.

    Seismic wavefield in the Earth

    This video shows the seismic wavefield in the Earth's mantle assuming the velocity depends only on depth.

    Seismic wavefield perturbed by a megaswell-structure

    This video shows a wavefield in a mantle that contains a megaswell.

  • Current collaborations

    standing next to giants (without stepping on their toes)

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    Philippe Lognonné

    Université de Paris / IPGP

    The original planetary seismologist. Philippe was behind the decade-long effort to get a seismometer to Mars. We collaborate on InSight and after InSight towards the moon.

    her site

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    Mark Panning

    Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    Mark is at the place that gets stuff to space and to planets. He makes sure that seismometers are on board.

    his site

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    Domenico Giardini

    ETH Zürich

    The head of our group at ETH. Together, we aim at investigating what InSight's seismic data tells us about Mars.

    his site

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    Kasra Hosseini

    University of Oxford / Alan Turing Institute

    Kasra will be the first to use M.C. Kernel for a seismic tomography, based on his extensive P and Pdiff dataset

    his site

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    Anna Mittelholz

    Harvard University

    Despite not being a seismologist, Anna is curious about marsquakes and what they tell us about the planet's geological history.

    her site

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    Céline Hadziioannou

    University of Hamburg

    Earthquake-free seismology. Using seismic signals created from ocean waves, trucks or just anything for monitoring.

  • MC Kernel

    Calculate seismic sensitivity kernels on irregular meshes for high frequencies

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    ETH Zürich

    Institut für Geophysik

    Seismologie und Geodynamik

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